Did you know nine out of ten low income students in Texas drop out of college? ScholarShot has reversed this statistic by helping 90% of our Scholars remain on track to graduate through personalized academic management and financial assistance. Although our model has continued to support Scholars toward degree completion, mentors are crucial to building a network of personal and professional resources for them.

Academic mentor with student smiling and posing at celebration party

Mentor Criteria

Mentor Expectations

  • Attend ScholarShot mentor training
  • Text/call/email your Scholar 1-2 times a month
  • Meet with Scholar personally at least once/semester (3 times a year) in a visible, public location
  • Attend at least one ScholarShot sponsored event a year
  • Plan to remain your Scholar’s mentor throughout college completion, if possible
  • Complete quarterly mentor tracking form
  • Report any immediate student or mentor concerns to staff