Not all college and career curriculums are equal. ScholarShot has developed an inclusive curriculum to help students find their path after high school. Each educator-designed lesson includes a teacher guide, activities, and resource links.

Mapping Your Future - A Guide for Students to Find Their Potential

ScholarShot has developed one of the most comprehensive curriculums available today!

  • 8 lessons plus 3 mini-lessons
  • College & career exploration
  • Financial literacy
  • Navigating the application process
  • And more!


  • All lessons include a teacher guide, activities throughout and links to resources
  • Developed by education experts with years of experience
  • Designed to help students find their path after high school in a fun and informative way


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Transitioning from high school to college can be daunting, as it is often accompanied by uncertainty regarding what steps to take. However, ScholarShot’s College Preparation Timeline provides a comprehensive guide to ease this transition. It outlines every step in the process, from the spring of sophomore year to post-graduation, ensuring that your journey toward success is well-guided and supported.

College Prep Timeline

Blue Arrow

Sophomore Year

  • All Year – Explore colleges to see what you like! Visit campuses if you can, take virtual tours, and request information from college websites.
  • Summer/Early Fall – Begin studying for PSAT or take the PSAT as a practice.


Light Blue Arrow

Junior Year

  • August-October – Study for the PSAT
  • October – Take the PSAT provided at your high school! Make sure you register in time.
  • August-April – Work HARD! Your application will depend on your final GPA aat the end of your junior year, so this year is IMPORTANT!
    • Continue researching and/or visiting colleges
    • Most districts allow two or three excused absences for college visits
  • December-March – Study for the ACT
    • All juniors take the ACT in March as part of National ACT Day – It’s FREE!
    • Take the SAT too! See which exam you prefer and is best suited for your brain because they are different tests!
    • Evaluate your scores (they usually arive 2-4 weeks) & decide when or if you will retake one of the exams. Most students take an exam 2 or 3 times for the best score.
  • March-July – Continue maintaining your grades
    • Stay involved with extracurricular activities and/or keep working.
    • Continue studying for the ACT or SAT.
    • Give yourself 8-10 weeks to study before taking it again.
  • May-June – Start narrowing your choices
    • Usually 2 “reach”, 2 “bubble”, and 2 “safe” schools for a total of 6 school applications. These will change as you learn more about each school but this is a start!
  • June-July – Write your Common Application/ApplyTexas essay
    • 2 essays is preferrable
    • Create a resume! Only include activities or work from 9th grade to now. Find templates online.


Yellow Arrow

Senior Year

  • August-September – Work on applications, request official transcripts and letters of recommendation.
    • Take the ACT or SAT a 3rd time if you need a higher score.
  • September-November – Finalize & submit applications. Review them carefully before submitting! Watch for deadlines for all of your documents!
  • October – Last chance for an ACT/SAT retake!
  • October-February – Submit applications with a later deadline like out-of-state schools.
    • Start looking for scholarships. Revise & reuse your college application essay to save time!
    • Update your resume with grades & activities
  • December-January – Submit Mid-year Reports to schools that require them as part of the application or if admitted.
  • February-May – Continue applying for scholarships.
    • Secure housing at your school of choice.
    • Keep your grades up! Many schools request an end-of-year transcript that could impact merit award money.
    • Submit a final transcript if required.
  • May-July – Enjoy your summer & get ready for your new adventure!