Estefania was the salutatorian of her senior class in 2009. With a high class ranking and straight A’s, she automatically accepted to Texas A&M. She joined the Corps of Cadets and enrolled in the fall of 2009.

ScholarShot met with Estefania at the end of her first semester of her freshman year. Despite her determination, she had 1.30 GPA. When we asked her if there was one thing she would change to improve the outcome of the next semester, she replied, “I’ll buy text books.” Estefania is like a lot of great kids graduating from high school these days. She got into college, but didn’t have a plan. ScholarShot worked with Estefania to build a SuccessMap to be sure she could meet the academic and financial requirements of college.

By the spring of her sophomore year, Estefania was off of academic probation. ScholarShot funded the gap between her scholarships and grants as she continued to follow her SuccessMap. She graduated in May 2014 and is now a Human Resources Specialist at Austin Commercial. Estefania’s first-year salary is more than two times her total family household income. (WOW!) And the success continues—her younger sister is also a ScholarShot Scholar who graduates in 2015.

Tmisha will tell you, “Never give up!” She’s a ScholarShot Scholar and graduate who is now employed as a dental assistant. In her freshman year of college, she got pregnant. With ScholarShot’s help, she stayed on her path and graduated on time. She’s now the mother of two and is proud of her family and her accomplishments. We’re proud of her, too!


Hi, my name is Mayra, and I just graduated from Texas Woman’s University (TWU) in Denton with a BS in Food and Nutrition and a minor in Business Administration. My first year in college, I was looking for a job and H&R Block was hiring. I applied and got hired. After my first year working there as a secretary, I discovered I had a passion for numbers, so I took the training necessary and now am a tax associate for H&R Block. I love it! My long-term goal is to work in the food industry and manage purchasing, which will require the use of my degree with my interest in nutrition. Eventually, I hope to save enough money to get my MBA in Accounting and Business Administration.

I’m the third of five children and have a large extended family. I am excited and honored to be the first person in my entire family to graduate from a four-year university. I know my family is looking to me now and thinking, “If she did it, so can I.”

When I graduated from high school, my school counselor urged me to go straight to TWU, but I was nervous since I had heard stories that the classes were a lot harder than the ones I had already taken as a dual-credit student. I decided the smartest plan was to stay at Mountain View College and finished the remaining 24 hours that I needed to complete my Associates Degree in Science. I was relieved when ScholarShot agreed and told me community college would be cheaper and catch me up on my core courses before transferring to TWU. I am so glad I did, especially when I saw how hard other students were struggling in college.

I really want to thank ScholarShot and its supporters for helping me fund college because my family did not have the resources to help me achieve my goal. Most of all I appreciate the guidance and encouragement ScholarShot gave me to stick with it and achieve this goal for my family and myself. I’m really excited about my friend Edna, who is now a ScholarShot Scholar, too. Thank you for supporting ScholarShot.