For the at-risk population, history has shown a high school diploma alone is not enough. ScholarShot believes a career-ready degree is truly the tipping point for at-risk students, making good on our K-12 investment to break the cycle of poverty and social dependence.

Each year thousands of at-risk Dallas County high school graduates will get into college with the benefit of federal and state assurance programs and grants. Unprepared and underfunded, 90 percent of them will fail. ScholarShot is reversing this by helping at-risk students build a plan to succeed that balances goals with abilities and provides financial and hands-on academic management, degree plans and emotional support. Our program produces degrees for more than 80% of our scholars.

ScholarShot Scholars may attend a community college to get ready for a career or a four-year institution. All ScholarShot Scholars qualify for federal and state grants, and ScholarShot provides additional scholarships of $3,000 to $6,000 per scholar per year.

We maximize the public grants and funding available for at-risk students. This means your investment is leveraged four times by public dollars. This also means ScholarShot Scholars graduate career ready with less than one third of the debt of the average Texas undergraduate.