Scholar and mentor relationships are a crucial part of the ScholarShot program. At ScholarShot, our goal is to ensure our students not only graduate with a career-ready degree, but have the soft skills needed to successfully join the workforce. All Scholars in the program are paired with an adult mentor for at least two years, and ideally the mentor is in the career field of the Scholar’s interest.

Mentor Anna Grace Franklin, and mentee Jaquelin Rojas, have been paired together for two years. Anna Grace Franklin originally heard about ScholarShot through a Teach for America Alumni group. In Anna Grace’s words, she decided to become a mentor “because ScholarShot’s mission of serving first-generation college students and help them exit poverty through a college education really resonates with me as a former educator”.”

ScholarShot student Jaquelin is studying IT Technology and Systems at University of Texas Dallas and has plans to graduate early in the spring of 2021. With the support of her mentor, Jaquelin decided to pursue a degree in IT.

Jaquelin expressed her gratitude for having Anna Grace early in her college career. “She helped me gain insight into the technology consulting industry early on. I remember the first day we met, she shared her role with me and I became instantly interested. I had no idea I could pursue a career like hers with my major. Talking to her helped me understand which skills I needed to develop to prepare for an internship with a technology consulting firm”.

Post-graduation, Jaquelin’s intends to become a Data Engineer, with hopes of reaching a management position one day. Her internship experience for the past two summers with Accenture has prepared her for an IT career. Jaquelin has already secured a job once she graduates in the spring of 2021 – she will be a Technology Platform Analyst. Jaquelin states “I am excited to start my career at a company who values diversity and inclusion”.

The mentor/mentee relationship has made a lasting impact on both Jaquelin and Anna Grace. Anna Grace stated that “I think I have most enjoyed helping Jaquelin explore and clarify her career goals. She reminds me of myself in a lot of ways, so being able to speak into her college experience has been really fun and rewarding for me”.

In addition, Anna Grace believes that mentoring Jaquelin has helped her grow her own mentorship skills, which is hugely important to her in her career.

Mentorship can be impactful for both the mentor and mentee. If you are interested in getting involved as a mentor for ScholarShot, visit https://scholarshot.org/mentor/ or reach out to April Tillett at [email protected]. ScholarShot asks that mentors make a two-year commitment.